I’m Visti, I was born in Penang, Malaysia.  I grew up in Western Canada and now make Calgary, Alberta home.  My day job allows me to travel frequently, nope it’s not in photography. I’m one of those lucky sods whose job gives me the time to get behind the camera to explore this amazing world of ours, and my amazing wife lets me go on extended trips with my camera(s).

     We all started somewhere. Mine was flipping through my dad’s photos and hearing stories of his travels to remote and exotic regions of the world.  In my early 20’s I got my feet wet (literally) and dabbled in underwater photography while a NAUI Dive Master.  But my time behind the camera did not fully start till I spent my first summer in Yellowstone National Park as a park archaeologist. Yes, that was a pretty cool job!

     I love the world around me, and as a photographer I love to capture small unique aspects of this world.  I love all aspects of the landscape that surround us, be it the industrial landscape, the cityscape, or the natural scape.   I am continually seeking unique experiences, all the while refining, evolving, and improving my view of the world through my camera.